Who We Are


We think you should expect more.

IT is one of the few things a business can’t run without, but just because your business isn’t a large PLC shouldn’t mean you feel unimportant. We’re part of your team. The ones working in the background to give you the platform from which to make your business a success. IT should be invisible because It. Just. Works.


You should expect to be a priority

You’re not too small and you’re not too much trouble. Our fixed fee model means you don’t have to try to fix things yourself, we sort it.

You should expect to be understood

We’ll invest in getting to know you and your business, and we’ll standardise your IT so it’s quicker to fix should the worst happen.

You should expect to be fit for the future.

You’re not a cash cow, waiting to be milked when the next Windows update needs rolling out. We include that as standard. We’re a bit obsessed with technology, so we’re always trying out new things. And when we find something that works, everyone will benefit. At no extra cost.

Does that sound like the kind of IT company you want to work with? Great, because it’s the kind of IT company we love to work for!

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