Internet Filtering

Set your content-access policy, and then enforce it

Control the sites your users access and the content reaching their devices to gain real-time protection from online distractions and threats

Leverage the power of content control with Singularitee Limited’s internet filtering service. It gives you configurable filtering that allows you to block the content you don’t want reaching your team and their devices, whether it’s annoying adware and spam, or hostile viruses and phishing scams.

You can make the rules and, if you don’t already have policies in place, our experts can help you create them and then configure the filter to accept or reject content accordingly. Increase your operation’s productivity and reduce the risk of downtime, or worse, with our Internet Filtering.

All-in-One Policy and Enforcement give you:

  • Real-time protection from ads and malware
  • Real-time control using pre-defined and customisable settings
  • Reduction of wasted time and wasted bandwidth
  • Industry-leading customer service and technical support
  • Awareness and best-practice training

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