Email Security

Take control of the risks inherent in this weakest of links

From adware to viruses to sophisticated social engineering attacks, Singularitee Limited is your best email defense

Spam, viruses, phishing: Many of these malicious attacks are nicely packaged into well-crafted emails that look so authentic, you might believe they’ve been sent by the colleague sat next to you. Falling for these scams can expose your operation to a range of risks, from the frustrations and lost productivity of system downtime to stolen intellectual property to corporate liability issues.

Combined with our Internet Filtering, Singularitee Limited’s Email Security service provides 24/7/365 vigilance against the potential intrusions inherent in your email system . Remember: email is the number one vector for cybercrime attacks, by far. So you need to take proactive measures to secure it against harmful content and targeted attacks with Singularitee Limited.

Singularitee’s powerful and reliable email security gives you:

  • Defenses against spam, phishing, viruses & ransomware
  • One integrated email security service
  • 24/7/365 proactive & reactive monitoring
  • Awareness & best practice email safety training
  • Secured email chain for a fixed monthly fee

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