5 Ways You Can Boost Your Cybersecurity

How can I strengthen my cybersecurity?
Cybersecurity can be overwhelming, especially when you're a small business or startup.

There's a lot of scaremongering going on out there, which only makes it harder for companies to know if their efforts towards being secure are successful.

How To Create And Maintain Effective IT Documentation

Why is IT documentation important?
IT documentation is key to increasing efficiency and productivity throughout your business as it reduces the amount of time wasted hunting for vital information.

When processes are documented consistently, individual knowledge can be accessed by every member of your team - critical details are at everyone's fingertips.

How To Stay Secure When Managing A Remote Team

Working from home is on the rise.
Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in remote working, with many organisations becoming more flexible when it comes to working hours and location.

This transformation in the way we work has largely been down to innovation in technology.

Hybrid Cloud Explained: What are the benefits?

What is hybrid cloud?

The hybrid cloud combines public and private cloud environments, allowing data and applications to be shared between them.

Essentially, this means that you store some of your things on the public cloud - offered by companies like Amazon and Microsoft - and the other bits on a private cloud or internal server.

The Best Tools To Manage Remote Teams

Let's work better together.
Remote teams are becoming an increasingly popular feature of the modern workplace, and this is only possible because of advances in technology and software.

Whilst remote working can bring about a number of benefits - such as flexibility, productivity, efficiency and reduced stress levels - it can also present some challenges that you don't experience in an office environment.

Office 2019: Everything You Need To Know

Should we be excited about Office 2019?
The commercial version of Office 2019 is expected to hit shelves this October. Microsoft promises users who “aren’t quite ready” for the cloud, a way to work more creatively, securely and productively with an on-premises suite of tools.

TLS Upgrade: Could You Lose Access To The Most Popular Online Services?

TLS is changing

Many online companies, including PayPal, Microsoft and Amazon are announcing that they will no longer support TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1

But, what does this mean for the humble internet user

What is TLS and why is it important
TLS - or SSL as it's still broadly referred to - is a layer of security that encrypts data when you're sending emails, visiting websites, inputting your personal information and purchasing products online.