How To Build Team Culture Remotely

Home working is, once again, recommended. In fact, we’ve hopped back into our slippers so fast we think we might have whiplash, and some of us never even made it back to the office. 

But, whilst no commute and comfy clothes are always appealing - we have to admit we’re a little bit gutted.

How To Make the Most of Microsoft Teams Navigation

It's no secret that we've all had to quickly adapt to virtual office life - we've all had to swap our catchups over coffee to talking over Teams.

While we all know video calls aren't the same as meeting in person, Teams offers you ways in which you can recreate human-to-human contact and, ultimately, boost the productivity of your meetings.

Conquer Your Inbox With These Email Tips and Tricks

Do you ever feel like you’ll never see the end of your inbox? Or do you spend more time sending emails about your job than you do, well - actually doing it? 

Emails are essential for any form of professional communication, but we often end up losing our day to them; especially if, like us, you spend at least twenty minutes wondering how someone had the sheer audacity to take the ‘Kind’ out of ‘Kind Regards’ (it’s too far.

Essential Tools For Getting Back To The Office 

Getting back to work in the new normal was never going to be, well normal. Whether you’re returning after being furloughed or heading back into the office after working from your sofa, we all could do with making it a bit easier for ourselves. 

Today, we’ve rounded up our favourite tools and how they can make your return to work run smoothly.

How To Keep Video Calls Fresh and Engaging

Video calls. The communication Marmite. Love them or loathe them, chances are, as a professional, you have to use them - especially in the current climate. 

Meeting in person just isn’t always practical, and we’re lucky enough to live in an age that allows us to move our meetings online.