Introducing CyberLari To Protect the Post-Covid Working World  

Singularitee is introducing CyberLari into its arsenal of cybersecurity products and practices to help protect our clients’ data in the new working world.  

With more people working from home, and an increase in people using both their work and personal devices to access company data, it’s difficult for businesses to keep track of where their data is being shared and how secure it is.

Safeguarding the New Working World 

We can all agree that working from home has brought a lot of differences to our lives, forcing us to make changes that will fit into our new working lifestyle. While we are excited to head back to the office at some point, we need to adapt to working from home and think about the impact it can have on your business.

Your Guide To Remote Working in 2021

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Streamline your communication
With so many tools, apps and platforms out there to contact your colleagues, it can be tricky to keep track of conversations, files and notifications.

How To Save Money on IT in 2021

With so many technology solutions out there, it can be easy for small and medium businesses to quickly rack up their IT bill. Many spend £100s and £1000s per year on platforms, apps, software and hardware and still feel like they have to spend more and sign up to the latest new and fandangled app on the market to keep up with the Joneses.

How To Boost Your Cybersecurity in 2021

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Today, we're rounding up all of our best tips into one place.
How to boost your cybersecurity for free.
Some of the quickest ways to up your cybersecurity game won't cost your business a single penny.

3 Cybersecurity Measures Worth Your Money in 2021

As part of our mini-series on How To Boost Your Cybersecurity in 2021, we're sharing some of our top ways to strengthen your cybersecurity.

Over the last few weeks, we've shared blogs on how to boost your cybersecurity with little to no cost, plus some cybersecurity measures worth your time in 2021.

This time, we're looking at the cybersecurity investments that will be worth your money in the long run.