The Best Apps To Use With Microsoft Teams.

The Best Apps To Use With Microsoft Teams.

The Microsoft 365 package offers a variety of different applications that work alongside Microsoft Teams, which can make running your personal and professional life a lot easier. Using apps in line with Microsoft Teams ensures all of your information is one place, which can make working easier, less time consuming and help prevent you from missing out on any information. 

Here are some of the apps that Microsoft offer that you should be using to make the most out of Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Planner.

Planner is a visual to-do app that allows you to keep organised and plan your professional and personal life. This is a great way to keep you and your team organised, especially if you’re still working from home. Planner not only allows you to plan out and organise your time, but you can also assign tasks to members in your team.

Planner gives everyone on your team access to information, letting them know which tasks have been completed or are due. This is a really simple but effective app that ensures that everyone is organised and on the same page. 

Microsoft Bookings.

Booking is an app that allows you to schedule virtual appointments or meetings. It makes sure all of your appointments are in one place while also in line with your attendees. As a scheduler you can manage multiple departments and staff calendars, allowing you to multi-task and work with more than one team. This is more efficient as you no longer need to check everyone’s schedule as it’s already there for you. 

What is great about Microsoft Bookings is that it can be tailored to different industries. When you first use Microsoft Bookings you will be given the option of six different business types: Healthcare, Sales, Education, Recruitment, IT Support or other. This can give you a more personalised experience and features more suited to your industry. 

Microsoft Shifts.

Shifts is a schedule management tool. It can be beneficial in many ways from putting together a work rota to scheduling workshops or meetings. Shifts will give your team access to the full schedule while also making them aware of any changes throughout the week. 

Shifts also offers a feature that allows staff to clock in and out from a mobile device and request change in shifts or time off. All information and requests are in one place, which makes creating a schedule easier and less time-consuming. Using this app will not only make your life easier but your team’s too.  

Microsoft Lists.

Lists is an organisational app that allows you to keep track and share information with your team.  Each list is customisable, meaning you can store and share information in a way that works for you and your team.

Any team member can create a list and share it, this is a handy and safe way to leave information or notes for your colleagues if a handover isn’t possible or if you’re working on different days. Choose from a selection of templates or from scratch when creating a list. You can also use a template from an existing list you’ve already completed. 

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