Introducing CyberLari To Protect the Post-Covid Working World  

Introducing CyberLari To Protect the Post-Covid Working World  

Singularitee is introducing CyberLari into its arsenal of cybersecurity products and practices to help protect our clients’ data in the new working world.  

With more people working from home, and an increase in people using both their work and personal devices to access company data, it’s difficult for businesses to keep track of where their data is being shared and how secure it is.  

Small businesses and startups have been through enough over the last year, without having to worry about the ongoing and increased number of threats to cybersecurity.  

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of teams working remotely from home, or splitting their time between their homes and offices. And this has brought about a number of different security threats,” explains Adam, Founder and Director of Singularitee.  

“For example, more people are using their personal phones, tablets, iPads and laptops to log in to work-related accounts and platforms - Teams on their phones, OneDrive on their MacBooks etc.”  

In August 2020, a report was released suggesting that almost a quarter of UK workers were working from unauthorised and personal devices. What’s more one in 10 shares these devices with other members of their household

“As employers, we need to be flexible in these uncertain times, but we also must protect our businesses from losing data due to hackers and device theft or loss,” Adam adds.  

“In a similar way to how we protect our physical offices with locks and alarms, we need to safeguard our virtual company data, whatever device it’s being accessed on.”  

CyberLari protects your company information, files, apps and data by controlling the way users access and share information. Setting out rules, configuring security settings and standardising security ensures devices are compliant, secure and protected.  

“Business owners can access an inventory of devices that have access to company data, while each company device is set up in a way that meets security and health standards,” says Jenna Cooper, Commercial Director at Singularitee 

“A report can be generated to include a log of users and devices and whether or not they are compliant.”  

Meanwhile, BYOD tablets, laptops and mobile phones also benefit from security measures, without staff having to hand over full control of their personal devices to company admin. 

By protecting company data in this way, businesses can make sure everything is secure and compliant and up to date, while each member of staff has the appropriate permissions and access they need to do their jobs, whether that’s from the office or the dining room table.  

We’re currently rolling out CyberLari for all of our clients. If you would like to know more, get in touch with a member of our team right now

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