Low-Cost and Free Ways To Boost Your Cybersecurity

Low-Cost and Free Ways To Boost Your Cybersecurity

As part of our mini-series on How To Boost Your Cybersecurity, we're sharing some of our top ways to strengthen your cybersecurity at little to no cost.

Below are some very quick and cheap ways that you and your team can up your game and protect your business from data loss.

Strengthen your passwords. 

Using a strong and unique password for each of your online accounts can seriously help reduce the risk of sensitive information getting in the hands of the wrong person. 

Can't quite remember all of them? 

We get it - the average person has around 90 accounts that all require separate passwords. Use a secure and encrypted password manager like LastPass to save you time and keep your accounts safe.  

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Enable multi-factor authentication. 

Place an extra layer of protection between you and hackers by enabling multi-factor authentication. 

Switching on MFA or TFA usually means that you're sent a code via text or email each time you log in to one of your accounts. Sometimes this code can also be provided by an app like Authy or Google Authenticator. 

While this extra step may take a few more seconds than usual, it saves you from potentially being hacked in the long run because a hacker would need your password and also access to either your mobile phone or email account to retrieve the code. 

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Install those Software updates. 

Software updates always seem to appear at an inconvenient time, but you shouldn't keep pushing them back and muttering to yourself "I'll sort that later". 

Spoiler alert! You won't. 

Keeping all of your software (especially antivirus software) up to date is crucial for staying secure online. This ensures that your software is the latest version and therefore more likely to be more secure against the newest threats and viruses. 

New cybersecurity threats and weaknesses are discovered all the time and software developers purposely release new features and updates to ensure their users stay safe. 

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